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Monkey spanker


New: vibrator for men and couples foreplay toy.

First there was the rabbit... for girls, then came the duck... also for girls, now there's the Monkey Spanker... for men!

The soft pad easily streches around your manhood to create a firm but soft vibrating tube. Then simply work your cock with the Monkey Spanker, vary the strokes to suit your mood. Hard and fast for a vigorous workout or slow and gentle to let the vibrations do the work for you. Whichever way you choose the Monkey Spanker will reward you with a powerful shuddering orgasm. Try for yourself. Happy spanking!

1. Lube up pad
2. Turn on vibrator
3. Slip over shaft
4. Spank it baby!

- Monkey Spanker Vibro
- Three sets of batteries for the vibrator
- Detachable vibration unit

3 toys in 1:
1. Vibrator for men
2. Vibrating blow job
3. Vibrating sex

Great birthday gift for friends, family and partners.



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